RULES on DBSKnights Subbers Video and Subtitles

>> Tuesday, September 29, 2015

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About DBSKnights Subbers Videos and Subtitles
Raw Videos
  1. Take out with full credits.
  2. Anyone is allowed to re-upload our raw videos in sharing and streaming sites.
  3. All of the existing credits must remain intact.
  4. Link back to your blogs:
[DBSKnights] English Subbed Releases
  1. Do not re-edit our english subbed videos in any way.
  2. Removal of [DBSKnights] tag is prohibited.
Translations to other Languages

  1. Ask for permission. (Email us at:
  2. Credit us properly. (Link to our site and leave all credits intact)
  1. Softsubs will not be released.

**Remember the English subbed videos are for personal use only.

Questions? Email us!

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